Screen Refurbishing

We use the cold press, one piece frame

Unlike old melt frame, which using hot glue, cold press frame make by the advance technology, strongly bond the parts together, so you don’t need to worry about the glass would pop out again. We are so confident with this frame, that’s why we offer lifetime warranty for it.

Get your OEM screens back, we only refurbish them for you, with all OEM parts

The so call OEM screens you got from China or other suppliers, there are nothing original beside the LCD, they use cheap glass and hot melt frame, they even change the flex cable sometime, and it will cause touch no working eventually.

Glass matters too

The original screen is made of gorilla glass which is not used on the Chinese cheap screen. The advantage of this is that it has higher water resistant properties (an almost oily covering on the surface) and also ensures the screen is anti-dust and anti-fingerprint.

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